Green Provocateur in Isola, Milan for Salone


Stefano Boeri's Porte Nuova above Corso Como

Isola, Milano

As the city of Milano continues its growth, with the renovation of the Garibaldi station, development of the area around Isola as an adaptive urban experiment, Old Milano meeting the New and dreaming forward with the Expo 2015, “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life,” the Green Provocateur project will to Plant “art seeds” to foster and stimulate the new conversation where the Urban space meets Nature.

Green Provocateur makes its first appearance in Milano’s avant-guard Isola neighborhood, at the invitation of Claudia Zanfi, director Green Island/Laboratorio del Paesaggio and AMAZElab, the Milano-based, nonprofit arts organization, whose focus is cultural production and social engineering in collaboration with national and international institutions to explore territorial, social change and new geographies in the public sphere and sustainability.

Isola is a bold, yet seamless, addition to the evolving urban fabric.William McDonough, William McDonough + Partners, architect

The great legacy of EXPO 2015 for Milan, Italy and for Europe consists in creating a prototype for a new form of peri-urban rurality: an exemplary place which is both unique and revolutionary, and which could also change the future for many other world cities. Stefano Boeri, Porta Nuova architect, former editorial chief, Domus and Abitare magazines

Held in April during the Salone del Mobile and the Fiori Salone Isola, Green Provocateur in Isola will feature the photography of Paul Clemence of the meeting of architecture and green, an urban intervention sponsored by PLANT.and curated by Jade Dressler in New York and Andrea Locci in Milan.


2 Responses to “Green Provocateur in Isola, Milan for Salone”

  1. I would like to invite you to partner with me on a Pecha Kucha Earth Day event I am hosting in Miami. I am a good friend of Paul Clemence… I look forward to your reply! Green cheers, Carl

    • Hi Carl, Nice to hear from you, Paul has told me of you and your work. Feel free to email either one of us with more info! Thanks! Jade

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