A Sundance on Green Stairs: Indiegogo.com Launch

Sun Dance Musings.
Years ago, I was invited out to New Mexico to witness the actual Native American ritual Sundance from which the famous film festival got its name. In classic Carlos Castaneda style, I got lost at every turn, increasingly frustrated. I made it to a Pueblo sweat lodge that same trip so I eventually ritualized. It was months later, back on the East coast, when a butterfly flitted around me and I heard the words inside my head, that for women, sacrificing to the sun is best done as a light dance versus the heavy heart-tethering done in the male tradition of sun dance.
A goal of Green Provocateur: A lighter touch, a slowing down and a communication with the elements.
I thought about classic art making and art patronage and the current possible realization and shift to a newer system that is cooperative, systems-based and inclusive to the general public in terms of ownership and value.
Combine this with the philosophical sea-change in the world from classic business as usual to bright new profit and non-profit partnership models and micro finance…all of which brings us to the Crowdfunding of indie art.
Several weeks ago, I was invited by my friend and film producer, Kim Jackson of Streetwise Pictures, to lunch with a director of programming at Sundance and Maya Baratz, the writer of the Wall Street Journal article on Crowdfunding in which Kim gave a quote. Crowdfunding through Kickstarter or Indiegogo is a brilliant way for everyone to participate in the making of art. For me, it is a dream come true to curate and make art in a social way and so we happily launched our urban intervention, Green Provocateur on Indiegogo.
Interestingly, The Sundance Channel filmed one of  the first seeds of Green Provocateur, our green urban community dialogue at the New York Society for Ethical Culture, hosted by Simran Sethi, and provocatively entitled “People Of Color Don’t Care About The Environment.” Sponsored by Uptown magazine, the event celebrated pioneers of the urban green movement including Ludovic Blain, Jarid Manos of Great Plains Restoration Council, Audrey Peterman of Earthwise Productions, Sharon Levine of Concrete Safaris and Omar Freilla of Green Worker Cooperatives. Green Provocateur takes the “urban-included” conversation between humans and green to the next level. Green Provocateur will appear as an urban art intervention in April for the Salone del Mobile’s satellite Green Island fair, at the invite of AMAZElab, a cultural organization based in Milan.  Go here to see the Green Provocateur project page at Indiegogo.
It’s an opportunity to directly participate in the power of art to move people to new thought and action. We are happy to have YOU join us!

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