Thank you Yoko!


Public art feels so retro somehow, plopping a sculpture in a location like it’s a cute playground object. Since the concept of “public art” began, we think it  is taking baby steps to where we have always envisioned it…a community expression for healing and connection. Dare we say the words shaman and ritual?

Yoko Ono’s Wish Trees have been an inspiration to the Green Provocateur launch in Milan for Green Island during Salone del Mobile April 10-17th. In just 14 days we begin installation in Isola on the railway stairs. A seemingly small gesture of beauty, much like the wishes on Yoko’s wish trees.

As we face personal and global challenges, wishing while we participate is the basis of the Green Provocateur philosophy. Yes, we will garden, contribute to green causes, compost and recycle. But let’s also sing to Nature, celebrate her through art and simple things like attention to our daily paths and each other…even walking up to a train platform or looking at a tree in a new way…maybe it has feelings too? Wishes? Beyond just exchanging breath with you? What are they?

We invite you to share in the making of Green Provocateur, from this first seed to all its manifestations around the world. Celebrate with us (and get Paul Clemence art and your name on the walls of this project as our thanks) at and thank you for sharing your precious wishing and realizing with us.


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    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

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