The NEW Birds and The Bees: Luxury Now.


Silent Spring.

Failed Bee Colonies.

Wake up calls to our basic life support systems and the siren call of luxury may seem disparate issues. However, as our worlds become more fragmented and the very luxurious and beautiful fabric of our planet itself is in peril, our greatest luxury may now be to preserve and honor the basics of “The Birds and The Bees.”

Green Provocateur recently gathered with other birds of a feather at the Audubon Society of New York’s Young Members’ “Save The Sound” benefit at the hip Bowery Hotel rooftop in New York City. The stylish and caring (the very chic!) met at the luxe downtown watering hole to support protecting the habitat of the Long Island Sound, an Estuary of National Significance, namely the home of Piping Plovers, Least Terns and American Oystercatchers.

If the image of elderly birders with binocs and fanny pacs and backwoods beehive tenders in frumpy farm clothes comes to mind, the 20-something young, very smartly dressed gaggle of boys and girls, in passionate conversation about saving bird colonies, quickly put those images to rest. In fact, we learned that bird-watching is now is considered a hot pursuit, as it is the fastest growing outdoor recreation in the nation!

With luxury and fashion superstar hosts such as Alexis Maybank, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer for Gilt Groupe and newly minted board member of National Audubon Society; Carlos Falchi, CFDA designer and Samantha Yanks, Editor-in-Chief of Gotham and Hamptons magazines, a meeting of luxury, passion and connection to what truly matters was secured.

The event raised over $40,000 towards Audubon’s conservation campaign to preserve Long Island Sound, proving that birds of a feather, nature and fashion, are quite a good look together.

A chat with Juliet Falchi, daughter of Carlos and founding committee member, revealed that her passion for birds outshone even her silvery, spangly and striped column gown. She spoke about how, while her mother, a board member of the Audubon Society initiated her interest, she was compelled to do more, to interest her young friends to connect and bring a new generation to the cause. Hugs to Mom and Dad Falchi!

Ann Morrison Calvert, founding board member and Benefit Chair, by day the Director, Public Relations & Marketing at Tara Compton Fine & Estate Jewelry, spoke about bringing nature to urbanites, engaging them through events and activities they can get involved with, or see as luxury, such as organic food and wine events, outdoor trips and terrace gardening. Tall as a tree and looking like a black-head-to-toe-clad gallery denizen, Ann swung her long blond hair and added, “Just as art museums have young members’ groups for fundraising and gala events, why not conservation groups?”

Hugs! Birds and Bees are the new luxury.

Sorry but, elegance isn’t refusal. Elegance is saying yes! Yes, to getting involved personally and giving of one’s time and energy to interact positively with the world. We advocate for new definitions of “Luxury” and “Bespoke” and Experiences.”

“A recent study by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) identified a shift from “owning a luxury to experiencing a luxury” with bespoke treats now accounting for more than half of the $1.4tn spent on luxury goods and services last year.”                                                                                                          The Guardian

We say nature and giving experiences are the most gratifying on the planet, certainly there is a natural attraction here as basic as “the birds and the bees do it.”

Taking a hip cue from the art world, combined with ancient, nerdy, viral networking techniques, Sean Mahar, Director of Government Relations, Audubon New York, had the idea to make business cards for birds and get them spread everywhere. In partnership with Toyota’s TogetherGreen, a program training young leaders and activating new conservation projects, birders drop the bird biz cards at restaurants, stores, cinemas, tourism offices, etc., wherever they travel, to remind business owners and communities that bird habitat preservation “means business.”

This business of birds and the bees, meet thousands of young and passionate New York City human creatures. The creatures like “experiences,” they have money and they care about their world.  Going to the beach, the mountains and the slow luxury of time spent in nature is a city-slicker’s second nature. Cocktail parties to raise funds during the week and weekend jaunts to the beach to work on nest preservation is “the good life.” Being emotionally passionate about the other beings that share our world…and taking action…is the work of a Green Provocateur.

Julia Flynn and friend

Jenna ManulaEmily ChapmanHannah Tsai and Martha Canning

Jarman Rogers and Alex Cook

Monica Brouwer, Benefit Committee Member and Jason Gers

Jacquelyne Reyes and Guy W Fletcher

Ann Morrison Calvert, Benefit Committee Chair and Benefit Committee Members, Eva YeanJuliet Falchi and Adrienne Rudkin

Thanks to all and Hudson River Valley organic wines, catering by Sonnier & Castle, Heineken, Svedka and Blackwell Rum.


images Natalie Poette for Guest of A Guest


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