Green Provocateur is an invitation between art, people, and green to evolve the built habitat and worlds we share.

Structured as a global art collaborative, between a rotating group of artists with art and language interventions appearing at sites around the world, Green Provocateur begins with the conversation, creation and exploration of new interspecies relationships. Green Provocateur projects seek to create empathy between life systems and spaces, to elicit memory and connection to Nature by inventing a new language of recognition on the emotional level.

Green Provocateur began as large-scale art installations, “interventions,” appearing in urban industrial or pristine natural areas as provocative reminders of dialogue between the green world and humans. Mimicking the spontaneous way that green travels and appears in urban industrial areas, as provocative reminders of the past and seeds for a future, our hope is that every Green Provocateur expression is a bridge from the past and a seed for a future. This bridge is a conversation where planned integrated art, agriculture and architecture, community gardens, edible estates of human habitation and the preserved, richly bio-diverse wild, surrounding natural areas can meet and “speak to each other” for healing.

The degradation of our Planet and the biological call of Nature upon our psyches is Provocateur #1 asking Big Questions. Green Provocateur appears intersection of green and architecture, inviting humans to dialogue with the silent, creative and immaculate design language…that of Nature.

The manifestations of the “green cells” of GP can appear as…

a sudden trompe l’oeil at the end of a street

a green meadow seen from the windows of a train upon arrival into a city

green “sentences” as a message on the scaffolding of new architecture

smart talk on Twitter

a glimpse of a scarf as a Provocateur turns a street corner

waving as flags above or suddenly the pavement or carpet beneath your feet.


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