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the news from sao paulo brazil:                                                       pre-Brazil Imaging spins from Central Park, Jade Dressler photo GREEN PROVOCATEUR is honored to join GAMECHANGERS: Karim Rashid, Rene Gonzalez, Luminaire, DROR, FriendswithYOU […]

It’s up! Green Provocateur has landed in Milan! A badge of pride to become one with the neighborhood and be tagged the very next day! Thank you to everyone who was part of the first landing of Green Provocateur! The first international public art intervention of Green Provocateur, was awarded and commissioned by AMAZElab, a […]

Sun Dance Musings. Years ago, I was invited out to New Mexico to witness the actual Native American ritual Sundance from which the famous film festival got its name. In classic Carlos Castaneda style, I got lost at every turn, increasingly frustrated. I made it to a Pueblo sweat lodge that same trip so I […]

When a Provocateur is waving and dancing in front of you, even though you want to go forward, one must pause, be quiet, listen and look back. Photographer Paul Clemence is a provocateur for architecture and design and one must stop and listen to him. As Green Provocateur readies for its Milan launch, Paul waved […]

Via Pepe, Isola, Milano Green Provocateur will Plant upon the walls of Via Pepe, bordering Milano’s Garibaldi station, photographic images from the global travels of artist, author and well-known architectural photographer, Paul Clemence. Printed on paper, each photo will either be a world unto itself or part of the projects’ entire message, via sentences made […]

Fashionable Project Reflects the New Milan Historically a manufacturing town, Milan has transformed itself in recent years into a global city defined by the three Fs: finance, fashion, and furniture. Porta Nuova, now a giant construction looming over the high street Corso Como, will reflect the new Milan. The 71-acre, mixed-used project is rising around […]

Isola, Milano As the city of Milano continues its growth, with the renovation of the Garibaldi station, development of the area around Isola as an adaptive urban experiment, Old Milano meeting the New and dreaming forward with the Expo 2015, “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life,” the Green Provocateur project will to Plant “art seeds” to foster […]