The launch of Green Provocateur was due to all the people who stood behind and by us as we realized this vision as a gift to the City of Milan. 

In New York:

Thank you Marcelo Montagna for your gracious and expert sound recording for our Indiegogo slide show! Thank you Alvaro Montagna of smallearth graphic design for your support, patieince, wisdom and voice coaching!

Thank you Kristen Paladino, Shelley Lewis and Kayte Geldzahler of PLANT. for your ongoing support and enthusiasm!

Thank you Michelle Barge for your support!

Thank you Robbie Copley Jr., the swellegant gent who loves nature, biology and street art! I am excited that your passion is joining Green Provocateur!

Thank you Caitlyn Kopcik for your enthusiasm and support!

Thank you to Mercedes Gonzalez for your generosity!

Thank you to Duggal for printing the first Green Provocateur scarf!

Thank you to Susan Szenasy of Metropolis magazine and Courtney Lukitsch of Gotham PR, early on both of you embraced the idea of this project and we are very appreciative of this!

Thank you Claire Bruekel and Amanda Lanza for your enthusiasm!

Thank you to Carolin Pein of Stylepark, Ron Barth of Resource Furniture, Roberti Rattan and Pamela Massenberg. 

Thank you to supporters: John Favreau, Robert Landon, Courtney Lukitsch, Patricia O’Driscoll, Kristen Paladino, Deborah Krum, little marvin, Francie Horvitz, Kim Jackson, James MacKenzie, Kathryn Mikesell, Oliver Weirich, Jolie Cross Cohen, Angela Coronel, Julie Davidow, R. Ventura, Margi Nothard and the Anonymous Big Hearts who were with us every step of the way on this project!

In Milan:

Thank you in Milan to Alcos Comunicazione, Dedi Salmeri, Augusto Cosimi and Mara Stragapede! Thank you Alberto, Francesca, Beatrice, Lucretia, Gabriela and Tobias!

Thank you Andrea Locci and Alessandro Frassei!

Thank you Claudia Zanfi of for inviting us to be a part of Isola’s Green Island event!

Thank you to our Angels who built the wall, Frederico, Andreas and Vilyus!

Thank you to the artisans, citizens, shop owners and new friends in Isola who encouraged, helped, told us we inspired them, served us aperitifs, gave us bike rides, advice, permits and shared their space and precious neighborhood with us.

Thank you to Green Island designers, artists and gallerists, we enjoyed meeting you all!

In the Soup of the Universal Devas:

Thank you especially to the unnamed forces that aided, made miracles over and over, encouraged, supported and believed in the launch of The Green Provocateur project at Milan’s Salone 2011.


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